au'lyla [əʊlaɪlɑː]

Sometimes, it's just a glance at the horizon, or taking a deep breath; the music of au'lyla, gives you a glimpse of what's hidden away inside. In these short moments, past, present and future collide to create the unique sound of au'lyla, shaped by organic sound-scapes and synthetic contours.

au'lylas indie, electro, art pop captivates with flowing arrangements, full of emotion and the urge to innovate; the sounds rise and fade like a river, climbing to ecstatic peaks, while also allowing for moments of tranquility. The 4 musicians from Hamburg wrap the audience in a carpet of sound, consisting of acoustic fabrics woven into a web of pulsating beats, telling stories of everyday life while still breaking conventions.

Annika and Isa first met in Nuremberg in 2010. They clicked instantly and felt a strong musical connection. The first collaborative songs followed soon and both were eager to bring their music on stage. A little later Hannah joined them adding her creativity and smooth bass sounds to the music. After finally feeling complete the band was separated due to Annika moving to Switzerland and Isa moving to Stuttgart. The music kept going during this long distance relationship and was spread in both countries with added nostalgia and a pinch of melancholy. In 2015 however, the girls decided to put au'lyla on hold due to the large distances.

The calm before the storm...

It might have been fate when Isa, Annika and Hannah were reunited in their new home of Hamburg. au'lyla is back and here to stay! The first EP “Trial&Error” was recorded in their shared appartment between bed sheets, carpets and moving boxes and published on their new label PandaPanda. Lars joined the band as a drummer adding his input for the upcoming album.

Isabelle Aulila: lead vocal, piano
Annika: trombone, clarinet, backing vocal 
Hannah: bass, backing vocal
Lars Flug: drums, synth